Schneeflöckchen Poster

Tirelessly produced over the course of the past four years, SCHNEEFLÖCKCHEN is the die-hard passion project of a wild bunch of Berlin-based independent filmmakers, who set out to make one of the most ambitious German "no-budget" feature films ever.

Hunting down the murderer of their families in an anarchic near-future Berlin, the outlaws Tan & Javid find themselves trapped in the wicked fairytale of a mysterious screenplay that entangles them in a vicious circle of revenge... apparently all written by a clueless dentist.

I joined the project at a very early stage during the filming process which really helped me soak in the story, the characters, the environment and most importantly the director’s vision. Being this my first cinematic adventure I started out having extended talks with my friend and director Adolfo Kolmerer about our cinematographic and musical taste, about the plot, the different storylines, the spectrum of emotions he wanted to convey and how the music should help tell the story.

In the beginning we decided to go for a dark drone moody type of score but after the first tries we realised that the way we approached the process wasn’t exactly working out. Luckily there was still time because I was writing the music as the movie was being cut. I needed to find a theme, one that would glue everything together. This wasn’t an easy task but once I made a choice on the instrumentation I would use the leitmotif came out naturally.

With the music we mostly aimed to convey the different emotions from the point of view of the characters instead of constantly telling the audience how to feel about this or that situation. We ended up with a concept that worked out but I wasn’t nearly finished with the score and so we decided to move my studio into the offices of Lopta Films where the movie was being cut so we could have better and more efficient communication. Between the months of February and March 2016 and with all the creative juices flowing between the cutting room, the director and the room where I built my temporary studio, I managed to finish writing and arranging the score. After that I moved back to my studio and recorded most of the guitars properly through my amps, recorded cellis and basses, rendered the stems of all cues and prepared the Pro Tools session for the cinema mix.

This was for me the most exciting, creative experience of my life so far. It was like going to school but better. I met amazing friends along the way and it feels like it’s just the beginning of something unique. I really had no idea what kind of project I was getting into but I am happy I did and I would do it all over again a million times.



I’m a music composer, producer and designer of sonic adventures. With more than 10 years of experience in the field my passion remains intact. I just love every second of it.

If you are looking for a committed and hard working music and audio professional, you’ve come to the right place.

My main focus is the implementation of my knowledge and skills in order to translate the clients vision into sound. Whether it’s an original piece of music for commercial use or the sound design for an audio logo, there’s no limit to what the right sound can add to the audiovisual experience.

I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. As much as I consider myself a people person I understand sometimes the distance makes it impossible to meet with the clients. For any inquiries I'm always one phone or skype call away. I also like working remotely.